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An ideal partner for production companies, event owners, meeting planners and venues. We offer full project management, from proposal development and budgeting to assembling the creative and technical teams, assisting with content development,  event design and audience engagement.  From concept to full onsite implementation.  

RFPs and Pre-Planning

At the proposal stage we can help you define your event goals and communication objectives, evaluate venues and vendors, pull together a team and develop an accurate budget and schedule.

Whether your event team needs a bit of assistance in putting together a proposal or evaluating your options or you need a leader to take on the whole process, we can help.

Project Management

We offer project management  for live and virtual corporate meetings and conferences, trade shows and exhibits, tours, festivals and training, both in the US and abroad.  Whether your event will take place in a convention center, on a city street or via satellite telecast or virtual web platform, we can manage the process and keep the team and all stakeholders aligned for success.  

Working with your vendors or bringing together the resources you need, we can help develop content, event design and communications, coordinate creative and technical elements, enhance audience engagement tactics, track logistics and project communication and provide full project and budget management.

Event Management

On-site or on-line, we manage every element of your event.  We ensure there's a detailed technical schedule, rehearsal plan and show flow and manage the creative and technical elements, logistics and program content.


With extensive experience working in foreign venues with local resources, we can support you no matter where your event takes you.


Planning an event for your organization or your client?  Let's Talk.​
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